Solving eye problems.
Western PA Eye Institute
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The eyelids play a very important role in the health of the eye. Like any part of the body, abnormalities can occur.  Some of the more common abnormalities are a " turning in" or "turning out" of the eyelids, or a "drooping" of the skin above the eyelids.

Here at the Western Pennsylvania Eye Institute we employ advanced surgical techniques such as lateral tarsal strips for correcting the ectropion (turning out) and entropion (turning in) of the eyelids along with performing blepharoplasty when we think this could benefit the patient.

We also can perform an in-office procedure for mild lid entropion which can, on occasion, alleviate the need for a larger surgical procedure.

With the eyelids in better position the eyes often feel better, look better and vision itself can sometimes be improved.