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Everyone is born with a clear lens which is about the size and shape of an "M & M" in their eye. This lens will become more yellow and more cloudy with age. By about the age of 50 everyones lens is slightly yellowed and thus has at least some early cataractous changes. Removing the cataract is, however, an elective procedure and many people do just fine with their vision well into the seventies, eighties, and sometimes even beyond, without any cataract surgery.

Here at the Western Pennsylvania Eye Institute we will counsel you on the pros and cons of cataract surgery, and perform this elective procedure when both you and our staff of doctors feel that it is truly necessary. The surgeons at the Western Pennsylvania Eye Institute have performed thousands of cataract surgeries and work hard to make the experience an easy and positive one for the patient and any family members who are involved.  We use a state-of-the-art phacoemulsification system and have you home with minimal restrictions the same day. The overwhelming percentage of cataract surgeries are accomplished within a half an hour with minimal discomfort. Most patients are able to go out for lunch later that day and can bend and stoop.

Cataract surgery can return the joy of seeing to people who over many years have lost the ability to see colors and objects clearly.